Popular coffee and donut chain Tim Horton's recently dropped their apostrophe to become Tim Hortons. While not grammatically incorrect, this omitting of the possesive tranforms the meaning. Coincidentally, the late Tim Horton once played for The Toronto Maple Leafs - a team whose name would have been grammatically correct if it had an apostrophe between the 'f' and the 's'. As is stands, it is a bastardization of the word 'Leaves'.
In 1971 a poet emerged from Canada, the likes it hasn't seen since. Click here to be reintroduced to outsider poet B.H. "Red" Fisher - the poet laureate of bushparty.
"Chetkin" was the official Russian mascot of the underpublicized 'audio-visual race'. Learn more about how the two super powers of the late fifties and early sixties were secretly embroiled in a showdown of science and technology by clicking here.
A recent survey revealed the most desired job amongst North American teens to be a DJ. Bushparty found out what makes the modern DJ tick... what made him laugh... and cry. click here! >>>

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