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Fore's Kin - The Ballad of Joey and Caitlin (6.1 Mbs)
Fore's Kin takes you back to the days before Joey Jerimiah was a used car salesman and Caitlin was an award winning television journalist.

Monolab - Chercez Moi (6.6 Mbs)
Get your minimalistic French on with Monolab - Canada's answer to that other band.

Magic Ass
Lucky Rooms
(5.7 Mbs)
The original demo and the first song Magic Ass ever performed.
Tilt-O-Whirl (9.7 Mbs)
Rare! From the original 'Let's Get A Gig' demos. Carnies getting lucky in Prince George.

(3.4 Mbs)
A classic Ghostrain demo that made it into the Magic Ass live set and was overlooked for The 4th and Carolina Tapes.

The Salteenz
(2.5 Mbs)
Not The Salteens, you fool, the original whistle-power group from Victoria.

Smokescreens and Code
(3.3 Mbs)
Mike Kissinger of The Papillomas and Lights of Harmac foray into solo project land. Courtesy of Black Ball Records.

The Timber Kings
(5.1 Mbs)
(5.4 Mbs)
Two feel-good rockers left off of the Timber Kings' 'She Changed Her Name To Mashuma'.

Run To You
(8.7 Mbs)
Yeah, that Run To You. But transformed.

Million Year Picnic
Air Person
(5.5 Mbs)

Heavy Metal
(6.2 Mbs)

The Thrillseekers
Water From A Faucet
(4.8 Mbs)
A forgotten gem from one of Vancouver's sadly overlooked bands.

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