Magic Ass - Kingsgate Mall
Kingsgate Mall
(9.9 Mbs) - Magic Ass' swansong. An ode to a small Vancouver mall where one can find "all their amenities".

Dave Lang - Live and In Quonset
Becky Is A Farmer
(2.8 Mbs) - An ode to the Canadian Prarie working woman. This has Canada Council Grant written all over it.
I'm Not One (5.3 Mbs) - Dave's acoustic rendition of the classic Bum song.

Ghostrain - The 7th and Carolina Tapes
The Maze
(6 Mbs) - The opener to The 7th and Carolina Tapes. Minatours abound.
Heartbreak City (4.4 Mbs) - Why is it that the East side of every city is where the cheap rents and drug deals abound?

Magic Ass - Confessions of a Rocker
Wasteland of the Five W's
(4.8 Mbs) - A kid becomes a reporter and, upon other things, meets Don Henley of The Eagles.
Jimmy Sunshine (4 Mbs) - A day at the ponies and a little girl screaming until her lungs bleed.

Airhorn Protocol - Catastrophic Error
No Fuckin' Doe and Buckin'
(7.6 Mbs) - The joys of getting wed.
Government Ass (4.7 Mbs) - The widening of the buttocks is directly proportional to the years spent working for the government.
Instant Limp Dick (4.2 Mbs) - What's the opposite of 'erection'?
How Many Bands In the World? (5.9 Mbs) - The perennial question.

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