WHO IS GHOSTRAIN 3000? "Ghostrain 3000 is Luke Gustafson, whose songs emerge from his bedroom studio...Gustafson's sensibility spans a folk to funk spectrum, yet he is subtle and unpredictable... but where did the ghost go?...Will Ghostrain 3000 now reappear? A shiver up the spine says I hope so." -Exclaim! 2005

IS THERE ANYTHING INTERESTING ABOUT GHOSTRAIN 3000? - His great grandmother, Mary, played the banjo at the town shindigs and his Metis grandfather, Larry, was an avid Old Time Fiddlers contestant. After 10 years of 4-tracking and playing in bands like "Magic Ass" Luke put out his first solo album, "The Seventh and Carolina Tapes" in 2003. He put out a second album, "Let the Record Show" in 2006. Both albums were released on BUSH PARTY RECORDS.

RECORDING FACTS: All the slide guitar work on "Let the Record Show" was done with a shot glass cause he misplaced his slide... While recording "Silver Hands" an ambulance siren got into the mix cause Luke left the bedroom window open (you can hear it around 2:40). Luke usually records in his bedroom.

INFLUENCES: Donald Fagen, Cat Stevens, Eliot Smith, Ron Sexsmith, Hank Williams, Nick Drake, Mark Knopfler

"There's no music out there at least in this city that's really like it. It draws on a folky funky think that I don't usually groove on, except the way he does it."
Georgia Straight

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