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I saw your article on the worst hockey logos ever.  Hilarious.  Nearly pissed my pants.
Here’s the Salsa logo, which you said you couldn’t find, as well as another, the Prince George Spruce Kings, that I thought was just ridiculous.  Here’s the link:

How could you have forgotten the Buffalo Bisons of the AHL ( -1970)? I think the story is that the owner was the local Pepsi distributor.

John Bi

Who knew? Everyone on the planet hated the Toronto Planets logo! This is the most emailed logo! Congratulations Planets Art Department!

You forgot my old home team the Peoria (IL) Prancers!  They were the Peoria Blades.  I'm not sure what they are now.
At least the logo does not look very sissy!
David A

just wanted to let you know that the "dragon " as you called it in the logo is actually the Ogopogo.
http://www.aboutkelowna.com/Ogopogo.html. the local lake monster... as for the rockets name ya it should have been changed ..the team moved from Tacoma, WA and they kept the team name so the logo doesn't match the name ... but it fits with the local legend.
nice site by the way

Jason M

FYI--Re: Hartford--Submarines have been noted as "wolfpacks" and Groton,Connecticut is a big sub base. The St. Louis University logo is a Billiken, the mascot of all St. Louis U. sports' teams. But I must admit you do have some bad ones.

Two things on your worst hockey logo's...which was just about right on........

One, the Fayetteville Force of the Central Hockey League never used the logo you have listed in the years you have listed; (trust me on this) I coached against them for four years, and their logo never changed...the logo we all saw was a hockey player in fatigues.

Second, the Macon Whoopee (Central Hockey league) logo (I coached them for three years) is not a Maple Leaf, but a fig leaf, as fig trees are indigineous to that region of Georgia.  There is symbolism in the name Macon Whoopee and the use of a fig leaf (I'll let you use your imagination) outside of the tree aspect.  However, their second logo, which we named the "angry chicken", should top your list, it was awful, and was the brainchild of then team President Kieth Burdette.  They used after my departure, thank goodness.  Check it out on hockeydb.com.

BTW--I don't ever think the Slapshots ever played a game in the old ACHL...the team was supposed to have a rink built on Staten Island and be called the Staten Island Slapshots under the ownership of NHLer Phil Esposito, but they never got the land off route 440 on SI to build the facility.

Other than that, I thought your piece was funny...I have coached against many of the teams listed with 1990's logos between the minors and RHI.

Take care,

Dave S

Check out the attached logo (I know the quality sucks but it's all I have)

I think that one has to be the worst. It was the Sapporo Snow Brand Milk Products team from the
Japan Ice Hockey Leage, from 1998. The team doesn't exist anymore since they went out of business
when they lost their sponsoring partnership with Snow Brand.

And yes, it's a real logo - this is were I got it from:

Fortunately, although that was the team's official logo, the squirrel was not on the jerseys. The team's
logo on the jerseys was simply "SNOW" written across the chest, like what the squirrel is wearing:

The new Dallas Stars logo looks like a medical drawing of a woman's reproductive system.

There's been some discussion on message boards about this site that are pretty funny. This one has people sharing their own logos, and making comments.

There was a lot more letters, mostly people telling me about the Ogopogo and Hartford Wolf Pack. I think that has been officially cleared up! Feel free to send me logos or comments. Put 'Worst Hockey Logos' in the title of your email so I can fish it out of the junk box. Don't be offended if I miss it. Thanks for reading! Oh yeah, click here to email.

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