Nashville South Stars - CHL - 1981-83

"Daggumit I just can't seem to get a hang of this here now." The rare guitar with misplaced soundhole used in place of a stick, odd-shaped helmet and oversized puck that is as thin as a nickle (relatively speaking) make up this bizarre comedy of artistic errors.

New Jersey Rockin Rollers - RHI - 1994

Another hockey stick guitar hybrid. How much did the RHI rule? It did more for the world of horrible logos in one year than most leagues do in a half-century. Look at that thing! The ROCKIN ROLLERS!

New York Slapshots - ACHL - 1985-86

The only problem with the Slapshots was that they kept putting their shin pads on top of their socks.

Pittsburgh Hornets - AHL - 1965-66

Is this a hornet? Have you seen little beaver-faced hornets like that?

Quebec Rafales - IHL - 1996-97

Apparently "rafale" is french for yeti who surfs on a hockey stick.

St. Louis University - NCAA -1971-72

The year was 1971 and the Grinch had just stolen Christmas.

Tidewater Sharks - SHL - 1975-76

"Hey look! A skating, passing, shooting shark. How does it do that?"

Toledo Blades - IHL - 1968-69

I seriously question if this is actually a logo, but I included it on the chance that it might be. How would the goalie of this team feel about this? Look at how huge his hands are! Has this artist ever seen a hockey game? This type of work is classified under "drawn from memory while slightly drunk."

Waco Wizards - WPHL - 1997-98

In the days of yore purple haired wizards with enormous upper-body strength roamed the earth using their evil spells to win hockey games in Texas.

Victoria Salsa - BCHL - 1990's-Present

Ahhh, saving the best for last. The Salsa. The laughing stock of the BCHL, but the pride of Bush Party's Worst Hockey Logo List. Apparently owned by Taco Time, thus the need to get hockey fans thinking of salsa. I feel sorry for the poor soul who had to design this thing. Apparently he didn't lose too much sleep over it. The Salsa abandoned their 'classic' logo a few years back for something equally unpalatable.

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The majority of these logos were taken from the Hockey Data Base. All copyrights remain those of the artist and/or team.

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