Hartford Wolf Pack -1998

Is there something I don't know here? Do wolves in Connetticut have submarines for bodies?

New Jersey Devils - 1965

Apparently New Jersey had some long-standing legend about a roaming beast that terrorized the state. Apparently half of its body was shaped like New Jersey and it could hold onto hockey sticks with just its fingertips.

Kelowna Rockets - WHL - 2000

There's nothing that says 'Rocket' to me like a dragon.

Kingston Raiders - OHL - 1989

Watch out! It's a Raider! Oh no, wait, it's just a tired, one-eyed, one-legged midget.

Los Angeles Blades - 1979

This one shouldn't be included in any 'worst-of' list but it just had to be shared. This has everything going for it. A classic font with the city's initials hightlighted in the name of the team. Great use of speed lines. And five, count 'em, five blades. The guy's head is a blade for chrissake! I would pay a lot of money for a LA Blades Jersey.

Las Vegas Flash - RHL - 1994

Roller hockey is a sport in which the players move so fast that they just appear as flashes of purple and red,. If you look really closely, however, you'll notice that those flashes are actually long-maned demon things with lightning bolts for tongues.

Las Vegas Ice Frogs - 1996

More frogs. What's up the idea that frogs are good mascots? How do those skates stay on that frog's feet?

Macon Whoopee - 1997

Macon Whoopee. Get it? Making Whoopee. There's nothing like playing for a team whose name is a bad pun. The way the M and the W mirror each other and throw the balance off on this bastardized Maple Leaf logo is truly painful. You know the Whoopee are out for a good time.

Seattle Americans - WHL - 1956

It's Captain Sam! No wait, it's Uncle America!

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