Calgary Radz - IHL - 1994

What the hell is RAD'Z? Are we saying that Rad is a noun that can be made possessive? Is "Rad" someone or something that owns roller hockey? I'm sure they thought the kidz were really going to bite on this one. The rastafarian colour scheme pushes it over the edge.

Carolina Thunderbirds - AAHL - 1987-88

It took me a while to realize that that is a goalie mask on a hawk. Anatomically, this is really weird. I think it's supposed to be clutching onto that hockey stick. Instead it's impaling it's talon.

Cincinnati Cyclones - IHL - 1992-93

This crazy goalie with stubby little arms and a goalie stick built into his blocker is spinning so fast that he's creating a cyclone. The best part of this logo (besides the fact that the goalie has struck a pose that resembles that letter C) is that the logo is incorporated within the logo.

Denver Invaders - WHL - 1963-64

When the pioneers of this great land first arrived they encountered many hostile injuns who carried tomahawks and rode on hockey sticks that were painted to look like horses.

Johnstown Chiefs - AAHL 1987-88

The combination of the native imagery and the homoerotic pose (If only that skate wasn't in the way!) makes this one pretty unbearable. Maybe they thought that the opposition would be just too weirded out by the whole thing to play well.

Springfield Indians - AHL - 1974-75

How can that little body support that great huge head?! It's impossible! I can only imagine this poor artist completing the drawing of the indian head only to be told that "there's gotta be some skates and a stick! Otherwise how will people know it's a hockey team?"

Fayetteville Force - 1997-98

What says FORCE better than a fire-breathing dragon on skates? Horrible hand drawn type. This logo seems to be lifted out of a grade eleven D and D player's sketchbook.

Fort Wayne Komets - IHL - 1968-69

In 1968, this concept was so tight. Man was about to finally walk on the moon. Interest in all things space was at an all-time high. Unfortunately, most hockey playing astronauts were high as kites.

Nashville Ice Flyers - CHL - 1997-98

If you didn't know what an ice flyer looked like, you do now. It's a winged beast that stands upright yet has no feet.

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