Bakersfield Fog - WCHL - 1995-96

Not only does this fog have menacing red eyes but it's letters are dripping like blood or melting like wax. I think the artist struggled with this one. Wait, why is fog tough?

Anaheim Mighty Ducks - NHL - 1994-95

The Mighty Ducks is not just the worst name for a hockey team ever but the cartoony duck-billed goalie mask is a shining example of why Disney should stick to making crappy movies. If Disney had it's way every hockey game would have a love interest and someone would break out in song every ten minutes. Interesting note: The Anaheim Mighty Ducks logo is the best selling logo (jerseys, hats, jackets, etc.) since its introduction in 1994.

Long Island Ducks - EHL - 1966-67

How cute is this little guy? He's a little pigeon-toed skating duck! Good thing his mommy made sure he was bundled up in a scarf and earmuffs before he went outside. That stick looks pretty heavy there ducky. Maybe next year you'll think twice about not migrating.

Austin Mavericks - USHL - 1979-80

A bull on skates is pretty funny. Did the city of Austin hold a competition for this logo? Did they have a budget of fifty cents? How does that bull hold onto the stick with those hooves? How are his skates magically part of his body?

Anaheim BullFrogs - RHI - 1994

There's something about Roller Hockey that consistently produces the worst logos. Anaheim really kept with the duckpond/hockey theme that they were building with the Mighty Ducks when they came up with Bullfrogs' logo. The crown and the brass knuckles somehow work against each other. What kind of royalty executes its own dirty work?

Brandon Wheat Kings - WCHL - 1971-72

The Wheat Kings have a pretty good logo now that is a variation of this one. Here they just couldn't get the elements working together. Is the B or the crown busting out of that stack of wheat (yes, I think it's wheat)? Some skates are stuck on it so that we know it is a hockey team, .

Buffalo Stampede - RHI - 1994

God bless the RHI for giving us the worst hockey logos ever. I don't know where to begin with this style of logo. It's so bad it scares me.

Vancouver Voodoo - RHI - 1994

At a glance it just looks like an alternate logo for the Buffalo Stampede. I don't know who thought that the crazy-out-of-control-native-mysticism of voodoo would translate well onto a hockey team or what voodoo has to do with Vancouver. I can sleep well at night knowing that these jerseys are out-of-print and rare.

New York Golden Blades - PHL - 1978-79

Management to artist: "No it's a hockey team, not a figure skating team.. a hockey team... ahh, forget it, let's see what you got."

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