The name - taken from a sign at a construction site. I can't recall exactly what the airhorn protocol is - something about giving three short blasts before reversing - but I thought it would be a great name for a band.

The project - It became a long-running joke that I had a band called Airhorn Protocol, and we were awesome! About a year ago, I went to see Mike Watt with Brock Ellis, where several beers were consumed. After the show we went back to Brock's to continue drinking more beer. Kim Stewart, Brock's girlfriend was up, and the three of us sat around talking. During our conversations, Kim kept jotting things down on a piece of paper. At the end of the evening, Kim handed me the paper; it contained 16 song titles, culled from words spoken during the chatter. "Here are the songs for the Airhorn Protocol album" said Kim. "Write them and get them to me by Christmas, and I'll get them recorded." So I did, and she did, and it all comes together on June 14, 2003.

The album title - "Catastrophic Failure" comes from a Windows error message I received while my computer was fucking up at work. That's exactly what the message said; I expected my computer to explode at any moment, but to this day it's not apparent what actually happened. I'm convinced it was a programmer's sick joke to scare the shit out of amateur computer users. However, it seemed to also describe my life and was thus a fitting title for the album.

The songs - are the result of my first-ever attempts at writing lyrics. Please keep this in mind whilst savaging them.

- Brad Sanderson